About Us

Opened in 2012, Jeremiah’s is a locally owned Coffee Shop and Bakery in Auburn, IN, specializing in community and friendship. The people that come into our world make our lives better. At Jeremiah’s, we celebrate those people and connections with espresso and coffee drinks (Made with locally roasted Utopian Coffee!), and house made baked goods and desserts that are big enough to share! We encourage you to plan an extra moment: make a new friend or reconnect with an old one!

The people that come into our world make our lives better...at Jeremiah's, we celebrate those people!

We started out, in 2012, in a tiny little space, not much bigger than 400 sq ft! We quickly outgrew that space, and we moved to the corner of 6th and Main, in 2014. Over the first few years in our bigger space, we introduced a variety of baked goods, and even started selling a limited lunch. We eventually outgrew that space as well. So, in December of 2017, we moved into our current space, on the corner of 9th and Main. Surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, we have the best view in downtown Auburn! And, we have continued to grow! Our kitchen has expanded significantly, and we are exploring more and more food items every day. We have also expanded our drink menu to include more options for our friends with dietary concerns. And, most importantly, we now have plenty of room to continue to foster those connections between people! So, stop in and treat yourself…we look forward to getting to know you!!!